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CHIMERA is a comprehensive safety software system which incorporates various software modules that consolidates the collection and reporting of safety information. Through a diverse selection of tools, CHIMERA has flexibility that enables its users to manage their safety programs efficiently and effectively. CHIMERA provides clients with a: CHIMERA is an excellent management tool for:
CHIMERA Options & Features Chemical Inventory Management and Electronic Reporting Application CHIMERA provides various tools which are designed to help simplify inventory management while also providing a plethora of reports aimed at providing quick and easy access to crucial inventory and hazard data. CHIMERA Card CHIMERA offers clients three options. Cost and services offered are dependent on the option selected: The cost of the CHIMERA Fully Managed Program includes: Technical support is limited to the first 30 days, under the Self-Managed Program. Safety Equipment Inspection Application The Safety Equipment Inspection Application assists users in managing fume hoods, fire extinguishers, AEDs, eyewash/showers and kitchen-hoods. Through the use of mobile devices, UPC-scanners, and an easy to use user inspection system, CHIMERA clients will be able to identify potential issues, capture key information, and track trends for the equipment which they manage. Safety Inspection Software Application The Safety Inspection Software Application is a safety module built to enable users to create custom reporting types while also providing a simple, easy to use interface to conduct inspections. The information collected from these reports is then captured for analysis. This program also consolidates all of your inspection reports for one location. This allows the user to quickly review the initial inspection report, track follow-up inspections, comment on pending items and add any new items that must be addressed. The system comes with a number of pre-loaded inspections to get started, including: Security and Backup CHIMERA is powered by Amazon Web Services, including all security and backup systems. For more information on AWS cloud security, please visit AWS Security and Compliance Information. Powered by AWS
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