CHIMERA: Chemical Inventory Module

The Chemical Inventory Module allows you to track and manage your chemical inventory, run reports, generate hazard placarding, and more. With our managed option, you'll also receive access to our comprehensive library of SDSs which pair directly to the chemicals in your inventory.

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Chemical Inventory Management

Manage your chemical inventory with ease using CHIMERA's comprehensive inventory management toolset. This includes tracking chemical quantities, locations, and more. Add custom data points to track the information that matters to you and your organization.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Run reports against your inventory data for everything from simple inventory lists to complex regulatory reports. Through our wide range of reports, you can easily generate reports for regulatory agencies such as OSHA, EPA, DHS, and more.

Deep SDS Integration

Safety Data Sheets are the cornerstone of any chemical management program. With our SDS integration, SDSs are paired to your chemical inventory to provide additional information which drives reporting. Our managed option includes access to our comprehensive SDS library, while the self-managed option allows you to upload and create your own.

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