CHIMERA: Equipment Management Module

The Equipment Management Module allows you to track and manage your equipment, run reports, and complete equipment inspections. You can create an unlimited number of different equipment definitions, and each definition can have one or more associated inspection checklists to track all the information you may need.

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Equipment Inventory Management

Create an unlimited number of equipment definitions, and customize the information you want to track for each using various data types such as text, numbers, dates, and more. Track fire extinguishers, eyewash stations, fume hoods, and more.

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Customizable Inspection Checklists

Create customized inspection checklists for each equipment definition to track whatever information you may need. Identify potential equipment issues, track maintenance, and more. Complete inspections on your computer or mobile device for added convenience.

Reporting and Analytics

Run reports against the data you collect to identify trends and make data-driven decisions. Identify equipment that is due for maintenance, track equipment issues, and more.

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